what is this?

Having exhausted the examined life, I wish to live a deliberate life. This is the place where I document that pursuit.

I will lead a lawless life, recognizing only the authority of my own spirit. I must find physical and spiritual sustenance without outsourcing a single morsel – living by the rules of no other, assuming the customs of no other, no matter how seemingly innocuous or insignificant. What this means is just what I wish to discover. Presently: securing housing, health, and nourishment without becoming their servant; seeing the world anew; knowing aesthetic bliss; honoring my will when it conflicts with the expedient option; tolerating uncertainty; believing my heart. I will try for a worthwhile existence – unhurried, free from habit and automatism. I go in search of what Emerson called “an original relation to the universe.”

Essays, poems, and chronicles should be expected.

I make no pretense of transparency but I will remain translucent – to that effect, a rough approximation of my current principles. These are not self-imposed rules, they are a poor translation of the present shape of my thoughts.

Up-to-date summary of my guiding principles (V 0.2, updated 17/7/2021):


  1. The only duty you have is the one you recognize.

  2. Truth is not gifted from above or discovered without; do not surrender your agency to external forces; do not surrender your judgment to external forces.

  3. Reject all forms of transcendence that entail the violation or annihilation of your individual volition.

  4. Reject all ideologies, models, or pursuits the bind virtue to purity or seek to eliminate avenues of experience.

  5. Reject all ideologies, models, or pursuits that treat the human condition as goal-based or optimizable.

  6. Reject all ideologies, models, or pursuits that treat existence as knowable and exhaustible (and take truth to be a state of correspondence between your mind and reality).

  7. Reject all external demands made at the level of identity/being (instead of action).

  8. Disregard the above should it ever offend your soul.


  1. Do not avoid suffering unless it restricts the possibilities of experience available to you to an unacceptable degree and over an extended period of time.

  2. Do not argue.

  3. Soften your awareness of time.