what is this?

Having exhausted the examined life, I wish to live a deliberate life.

I go in search of what Emerson called “an original relation to the universe.”

This currently means: living as nomad, my home the road and anywhere I am a stranger; every day should be spring, and I ought to wake up brand new to greet it.

Essays, poems, and chronicles should be expected.

I refuse to attempt transparency but I will remain translucent – to that effect:

Up-to-date (rough) summary of my guiding principles (V 0.3, updated 6/1/2022):


  1. Contradiction is necessary.

  2. Reject all ideologies, models, or pursuits that treat the human condition as goal-based or optimizable.

  3. Reject all ideologies, models, or pursuits that treat existence as knowable and exhaustible (and take truth to be a state of correspondence between your mind and reality).

  4. Reject all external demands made at the level of identity/being (instead of action).

  5. The only duty you have is the one you recognize.

  6. Disregard the above should it ever offend your soul.


  1. Do not try to be “good” – nothing worth doing is ever a duty.

  2. Reality is a poor substitute for truth.

  3. Keep pain out of your epistemology – just 'cause it hurts don't make it true.

  4. Choose your risks carefully and your caution doubly so.